In The Zone

Buy this fast-selling Audio Download that is used by all national and regional squads in the English Golf Union and the English Women’s Golf Association training programmes. Many men’s and women’s county unions have also purchased the Audio Download to supply all their players.


The Audio Download has sold over 3000 copies and has been purchased by golfers in Australia, USA, Canada, Thailand and many countries in mainland Europe.

IN THE ZONE has been recorded to provide all levels of golfers with some simple tips to improve their mental skills on and off the course.

Dr. Brian Hemmings says “in working with all types of players I have come to realise that many of golf’s mental challenges and solutions can be narrowed down to a few simple principles. And that’s really the purpose of this Audio Download, to share those principles which I feel can have a huge impact on a player’s game – both in the enjoyment of the game, and ultimately saving shots, and mastering the mental challenges that golf provides”

Track Listing

  1. Mental Skills in golf
  2. Keep it Simple
  3. Assessing your games
  4. The golf ‘process’
  5. Control: the 80/20 rule
  6. Is your practice effective?
  7. Just do it!
  8. Taking each shot as it comes
  9. Leaving errors behind you
  10. A great attitude
  11. Making this work

Provided as mp3 files.