• Eddie Pepperell

    Eddie Pepperell
    European Tour Professional

    I worked with Brian for a few years, and throughout that period of time I developed a great trust and relationship with him. He is the guy I went to when there was a problem, whether it be on the course, or off it. He helped me develop as a golfer, and more importantly as a person. But the biggest thing Brian taught me, is how to evaluate everything I do in a mature and professional way, and to look at the positives and move on. I have a very good relationship with Brian and hope to continue this in the future (not only because he’s a Chelsea fan!)

  • Jamie Moul

    Jamie Moul
    European Challenge Tour Professional
    I worked with Brian for nine years as an amateur and professional. He taught me a lot about psychology within sport, and how to get the best from my game in whatever situation I am faced with.
  • Chris Wood

    Brian Hemmings with Chris Wood
    European Tour Professional

    Since I started work with Brian in 2003 as part of the Gloucestershire junior team my game transformed through the national amateur ranks and onto the European tour. In almost 7 years of work together we covered many areas in my mental game and many of the things worked on were used in the Open at Royal Birkdale to be able to picture myself on the 1st tee in my first major, probably the hardest shot I have ever had to hit mentally. It turned out to be one of my best of the tournament!

  • Matt Richardson

    Matt Richardson
    USPGA Nationwide Tour Professional

    I worked with Brian Hemmings from the age of 14, around 10 years in all. My knowledge of psychology and understanding of myself and people around me, improved my focus, mindset, and self management, on and off the golf course. Brian’s one step at a time techniques eliminate confusion, and clarifies your goals. Although at times this can be a longer process than desired, it is worth achieving, as nothing comes quick and easy. He has taken every little and large step of my career with me from England boys golf to the European Tour and now to the USA.

  • Becky Brewerton

    Becky Brewerton
    Ladies European Tour Professional

    My first session with Brian came the week before I won the Spanish Open and it was no coincidence that it helped me to winning the event.

  • Gary Wolstenholme MBE

    Gary Wolstenholme
    European Seniors Tour Professional

    I worked with Brian Hemmings for many years, and in all that time I found Brian’s insights, presentations and resourceful thinking very useful both for the team as a whole while working with the England Elite players and also for me personally. I’m sure that over a period of time Brian can help any golfer evolve to become a better competitor, and a better individual utilising his extensive knowledge of sports psychology

  • Sam Hutsby

    Sam Hutsby
    European Tour Professional

    I worked with Brian for 6 years, and he gave me so much confidence in my game. He taught me how to prepare well for major tournaments and how to deal with unexpected situations on the course which helped me get the best out of my rounds and these made me a much more consistent player. I used some of Brian’s drills in my putting and I saw it improve dramatically. Brian is a fantastic guy to get along with and you feel as if you can tell him anything, which is what a sport psychologist is all about.

  • Danny Willett

    Danny Willett
    European Tour Professional

    When Brian and I worked together it mostly consisted of talking about how I can compete more effectively. We also discussed my process goals, because these are the things that I can control, and then I trust the results will come. Staying in the present and going through the same processes over and over again.

  • David Ridley

    David Ridley
    National Coach of the England Team, European Tour Coach & Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach

    I worked closely with Brian Hemmings for 15 years in coaching England players and preparing them for tournament play. Brian always works in a warm, humorous and easy-to-understand way. I am confident that time spent working with Brian will bring great insights into the psychology of the game, and provide techniques to improve the skills of any player

  • Chris Lloyd

    Chris Lloyd
    European Challenge Tour Professional; Junior Ryder Cup Team 2008 & 2010

    I worked with Brian for 7 years since I was a Gloucestershire junior. We discussed my aims for the current year, my process goals, and how I could compete to my full potential. He not only helped to transform my mental approach to golf, but also helped me to develop as a person.

  • Steve Tiley

    Steve Tiley
    European Challenge Tour Professional

    I worked with Brian for over 4 years and listening to his views on the mental side of the game, there is no doubt in my mind that the mental game is the most important thing in professional golf. Brian has a great way of making the mental game simple and easy to learn and always gives you his 100% attention.

  • Seve Benson

    Seve Benson - Kenya Open Winner
    European Tour Professional

    I have worked with Brian since I was 15 and on an England Boys Squad. Endless respect for him. A truly great person. A big help to my success.

  • Jamie Abbott

    Jamie Abbott
    European Challenge Tour Professional
    I worked with Brian for the four years through the English Golf Union setup and in my professional career. Although initially I was not sure that psychology would help, working with Brian has had a very positive effect on all aspects of my game
  • Paul Waring

    Paul Waring
    European Tour Professional

    I worked with Brian for over ten years since I was an England boy golfer. He always explained the importance of planning, routines, self assessment and goal setting. It’s something we all need so we can see ourselves progress and therefore gain confidence from.

  • Steve Uzzell

    Steven Uzzell
    Europro Tour, English Amateur Strokeplay Champion 2008 (Brabazon Trophy)

    Brian’s enthusiastic personality shines through in his work which transcends through to his players

  • Neil Raymond

    Neil Raymond
    European Challenge Tour Professional, English Strokeplay Champion, 2011 & 2012

    The work I did with Brian over two years had a huge impact in my successes. The work we did has given me clarity of thought while competing in every event, and it really comes to life while I’m in the high pressure situations. I would recommend Brian to everyone. He helped me more than I realised. Success is simple, do what’s right, the right way, at the right time!

  • James Whatley

    James Whatley
    PGA Professional; PGA Cup Team 2007

    Since working with Brian Hemmings, I have gone from a player who didn’t believe in his own ability to representing Great Britain and Ireland in the PGA Cup in 2007. Brian is very professional in everything he does; he keeps things simple but very effective. I always look forward to seeing Brian at the beginning of every season to set out goals for the forthcoming season. I always want to work with the best, and Brian is definitely that.

  • Charlie Bright

    Charlie Bright
    Norfolk Junior Champion 2009
    I started to work with Brian in late 2009, and we focused on how I can compete better. He also helped me to realise the importance of logging practice, skills tests, self assessment, planning my season and goal setting.
  • Tommy Fleetwood

    Tommy Fleetwood challenge tour
    European Tour Professional

    When I started working with Brian I consistently competed at the highest levels of the game. He taught me how to deal with many different situations on and off the course and was a pleasure to work with.

  • Matt Nixon

    Matt Nixon
    European Tour Professional

    I’ve known Brian for about five years and he was a massive support and help in that time to make me into the player and person I am. His work on and off the golf course is first class and his knowledge on the subject is second to none! We’ve worked on putting, routines, preparation and many other areas. He’s not only a great psychologist, but a great friend